Philadelphia City Paper Style Wars 2001

Each year, City Paper hosts the region's most fiercely creative amateur designer competition - Style Wars. The work of four finalists, whose designs are unveiled on the runway during the event, is later profiled in the Spring Style edition of the paper. Fashion experts Sharon Phillips Waxman of SPW Productions, Viktor Duplaix of Axis Music, Scarlett of Scarlett Cosmetics and Onyx Noir, fashion designer, select the Grand Prize winner. Held at Transit, the club's main room was transformed into a high-ceilinged temple to style with colored sashes above a catwalk, and filled to capacity with all types of fashion mavens, from the sharp-suited and frilly-frocked to design student divas decked out in kitsch. Once the crowd had found its groove, courtesy of Cozmic Cat, they were treated to glimpses of styles from that season's collections. First up: Kenneth Cole, followed by Neo Deco, the South Street boutique and, finally, Onyx Noir, who sent all his models down the runway in black gowns. Danielle Tobin, Michael L. Wherley, Minsu Kim and Jackie Kim were the four finalists who then took the stage. Jackie Kim emerged the winner, and was awarded a photo shoot worth $2000 with photographer Dominic Episcopo.
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