MadonnaLand Rodeo: The Official Kickoff Party to Madonna's Drowned World Tour; A Two-Day Indoor/Outdoor Festival

Produced at Shampoo Nightclub to celebrate the official USA Kickoff to legendary superstar Madonna's Drowned World Tour in Philadelphia, this event generated massive publicity and excitement. Presented in conjunction with Warner Brothers and Smirnoff Ice, who provided $25,000 in sponsorship, this spectacular show was produced in the exact same manner two nights in a row. The first night targeted primarily the gay market, while the second night was marketed to all Madonna fans in Philadelphia. Shampoo welcomed 7000 people to the nightclub within both nights, and Rodeo became the second largest event the nightclub had ever held. The outdoor area of the event was decorated in hundreds of haystacks placed to give the illusion of a farm, and boasted performances by Niki Harris and Donna DeLory, Madonna's backup singers since her True Blue album. Both performed their own singles produced by DJ Junior Vasquez, as did Slam, a Blonde Ambition Tour dancer. New York City's most famous Madonna impersonator, Raphael, performed "Music" and "Don't Tell Me", accompanied by her troupe of six hot male dancers. Madonka, a well-known Madonna impersonator flown in from Los Angeles, performed "Like A Prayer", accompanied by a local gospel choir. The crowd was treated to a rendition of Madonna's famous performance on the MTV Awards, in which she played Marie Antoinette with her dancers constituting her court. The performance was costumed, choreographed and presented exactly as the original to Madonna's "Vogue", by Noel Zayas and University of the Arts faculty members. The high point of the evening outside occurred when Raphael drove a yellow Trans Am through the crowd as Madonna in her "What It Feels Like For A Girl" video. Throughout the club, dancers performed as Mermen in the "Cherish" video, and dressed in various costumes that mimicked other memorable Madonna performances. The interior dÈcor included 30 5-ft white balloons suspended over the entire main floor, with images of Madonna in various stages throughout her career beamed onto them. On the Main Stage, faculty from the University of the Arts performed hits "Erotica" and "Deeper and Deeper". DJ/Remixer/Producer Tracy Young provided the music for the evening. A follow-up event featuring a concert by the legendary Boy George was held two weeks later, on August 2, 2001.
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