Transit Nightclub Grand Opening 24-Hour Party

This party was produced to support the brand and marketing concepts that had been created for the establishment. The event made local broadcast and print media for its novelty and noteworthiness as the first time a Philadelphia nightclub had done a 24-hour event. DJs Johnny Vicious, Oscar G, Billy Carroll, J-Dub, Jorge Johnson, Chris Costanzo, Lee Jones, Dozia, Mike Nice and Brendan were headliners for the festival, and 3500 people turned out to inaugurate the venue. The festivities began with a VIP reception, which included a fashion show by Vizuri, Arden B, Distante, Neo Deco, Charles Porter, Louis Christian, East End and L'Etoile. Kim English performed her hits Unspeakable Joy and Missing You, and was joined on the floor by dancers, contortionists and numerous other East Coast performers.
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