TRU BLUE: Club Tru First Anniversary Party

A record 3500 people attended this event celebrating the one-year anniversary of Club Tru, the largest club venue in Atlantic City not attached to a casino. The evening began with a Versace fashion show presented by Boutique Eleganza and modeled by McCullough Models who were escorted onstage by male models sporting Versace underwear. The team of Beauty Bar Hair Salon and makeup artist Robin Warriner created stunning looks to match the elegant fashions being modeled. DJ Guido opened the show, and The Jesse Marquez Band took the stage midway to help the models finish their grand display of fashion. The show culminated with a masterpiece gown created by Onyx Noir from Versace scarves. The catwalk terminated at a Versace-dressed bed from which the models and club's owners welcomed the VIP crowd to the party. In the deck area of the nightclub, Vore, a Philadelphia fashion designer, presented his men's swimwear collection to a very responsive crowd of partiers. The evening continued with sporadic surprise performances by the University of Arts dancers. Nine other local DJs took their turns spinning, and DJ/Producer/Remixer Guido finished the festivities.
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