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Art by Artists Jane Mitchell and Noel Miles

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Paintings by Artists Jane Mitchell and Noel Miles Art by Painters Jane Mitchell and Noel Miles Fine Art by Artists Jane Mitchell and Noel Miles
Jane Mitchell
Noel Miles
N-Squared (N2)
subtitle: Introduction

N2 Productions works with a number of distinguished artists and artisans whose works we are pleased to make available to you through our website.

The menu above provides access to pages for the artists Noel Miles and Jane Mitchell, where you can learn more about each artist and view samples of their work. In the future, you also will be able to purchase pieces directly from these pages. Presently, if you would like to place an order or inquire further, please contact us through our RSVP form, or call/email us directly.

Please check back from time to time as more works and artists are added!
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