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N-Squared (N2)
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The exquisite artistry of our events begins on the conceptual level, and is executed throughout each constituent element of design, down to the minutest detail. If you are looking for a company to make your event the 'talk of the town' and are accustomed to setting trends, not following them, we can make the event of your dreams a reality.

We will cheerfully orchestrate your entire event or, if you prefer, we will work with you (and your staff or family) in an advisory or management capacity. We maintain an extensive network of associates, and are happy to make referrals to potential service providers such as printers, caterers, decorators, entertainers, photographers, etc.

Our services are custom-tailored to client size, budget and venue, including:
  • Theme creation
  • Site selection
  • Décor and lighting
  • Entertainment
  • Menu design and catering management
  • Print design and production services
  • Coordination of licensing and permits, security, transportation, travel and accommodations
  • VIP acquisition and handling
  • Special programs/tours for guests and spouses
  • Arrangement and oversight of registration and RSVP tracking systems
  • Financial accounting support
  • Crisis-management plans, especially for large-scale events and festivals
The N-during Events division of N2 Productions, Inc. presents sophisticated theme events that provide a total immersion experience – the creation of an environment into which guests enter and immediately suspend disbelief. Through the use of superb set construction and costume design, fantastical lighting and sound, flawless body paint, makeup and hair, scintillating music, and dazzling dance and performance pieces, an alternative reality - the ultimate fantasy, is brought to life. Each and every facet of our events delivers an aesthetic and sensual delight.

Your special event, be it your wedding, launch, opening, fundraising gala or celebration of any type, will become an unforgettable experience that will create an outstanding and lasting impression your guests will savor for years to come.

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