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Jane Mitchell

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Art Works by Jane Mitchell
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Below, and throughout the pages of our website, appear a number of works of the artist Jane Mitchell. We first viewed Jane's paintings in the early 1990's, in the home of one of her nieces, and were instantly captivated by their incredible colors and indescribably agreeable shapes and patterns. Gazing at a piece for lengths at a time, one feels transported to a most tranquil and pleasurable state of mind – or perhaps even to Spain itself, where Jane lived for many years, and whose influence of Mediterranean landscapes and colors is evident in much of her work.

Always fascinated by architecture, but discouraged from pursuing it professionally, Jane studied art history and painting at Wheaton College. After concluding her formal education, however, she continually found opportunities to work on projects, such as the remodeling of farmhouses in both Pennsylvania and Ibiza, that kept her connected to her true passion. Indeed, Jane was a partner in a construction company in Ibiza, and designed and supervised the construction of solar heated buildings there in the late 1960s. Returning to the United States in the early 1970s, she formed Pinning, Conrad and Mitchell, Inc., a Pennsylvania company to buy, restore and preserve historical buildings.

Despite these pursuits, Jane became known first and foremost as an artist. She has been described as 'an artist's artist', consistently committed to quality throughout her long and successful painting career. She exhibited extensively in the United States and Spain and many of her works are represented in various public, private and corporate collections.

Sadly, Jane Mitchell died on September 29, 1988, after approximately four years of ill health. The Jane Mitchell Art Trust was established upon her death, to oversee the distribution of Jane's remaining works. In 2004, the Trust selected N2 Productions to assist with the marketing and sales of its assets.

Jane completed no fewer than 140 paintings and 8 editions of silkscreens in the last ten years of her life, and her artistic legacy is one of quality and merit.

We hope you will enjoy viewing these paintings as much as we do. If you are interested in purchasing a piece, or would like further information on Jane and/or to see more of her work, please contact us.

Jane Mitchell, art, paintings
Paisaje Turbulente
46 x 66"
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Jane Mitchell, art, paintings
(Male Torso)

30 x 46"
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Jane Mitchell, art, paintings
32 x 37"
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Jane Mitchell, art, paintings
Pink Lady

42 x 42"
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Jane Mitchell, art, paintings
36 x 50"
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Jane Mitchell, art, paintings
Farm Scene
65 x 46"
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Jane Mitchell, art, paintings
Concentration #1
46 x 36"
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Jane Mitchell, art, paintings
32 x 40"
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Jane Mitchell, art, paintings
Submarina #3
46 x 50"
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Jane Mitchell, art, paintings
Girl Full Figure
36 x 60"
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Jane Mitchell, art, paintings
Landscape #2
42 x 60"
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Jane Mitchell, art, paintings
Balloons #2
56 x 44"
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