Arabian Nights

Inspired by the Disney movie Aladdin, the décor for this event featured magical flying carpets, stunning life-size lanterns and lamps, giant gold pots and beaded curtains that divided the space into more intimate sections for the crowd of 1,500. A bevy of gorgeous oversized pillows created a lounging nook. Unforgettable performances that evening included Marissa K. Devine as a genie, wired to the ceiling to give the illusion of her being released out of a life-size lantern built by Do the Right Theme Prop Company; Sylvia Delrio as a princess, who entered the set carried on the shoulders of six Aladdin-themed costumed soldiers; a group of University of the Arts dancers in Arabian style costumes designed by New York City's Onyx Noir. Ambient entertainment in multiple areas throughout the club included belly dancers, fire-eaters, contortionist and magicians. DJ Oscar G, winner of four ASCAP songwriter awards and the man responsible for eight #1 Billboard club anthems, including Fired Up and the ever-popular Dark Beat, provided music for the evening.
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